The Benefits of Sports Nutrition in Young Athletes

Many people get into sports to stay fit, active, and healthy. However, without the proper nutrition, heavy physical activity can lead to harm and injury. When it comes to sport nutrition we all need to learn, know, and practice it. However, there is one group that needs to be particularly careful, and that is student athletes. Student athletes are often not taught good sports nutrition, but perhaps need it the most considering their developing bodies and careers.

Here are some simple things to keep in mind for young, student athletes:

  • Keep them hydrated. Whether is during training or a big game, always keep them hydrated. Also, remember to keep them hydrated throughout the whole day and not just when they’re working out.
  • Make sure they stretch before and after any training, work out, or game. Stretching out the muscles will help them warm up before a hard workout. This will allow for better performance and a lower chance of injury. Also, stretching at the end of a workout lets the muscles relax and recover slowly.
  • Make sure they are eating a balanced diet.  Make sure your student athlete is eating right and giving their body enough fuel to perform at its best. This includes not skipping meals and eating plenty of carbs and proteins.
  • Make sure they are properly equipped. Make sure your athlete has all their equipment and knows how to use or wear it properly.
  • Let them rest. Don’t overdo it. If they need to rest, stop and give them a break. You don’t want them to hurt themselves or push them too hard.
  • If something hurts, stop. It’s ok to push athletes, but if something is really hurting them, they need to stop. If a particular part of their body is hurting consistently, make sure they see a doctor before continuing any heavy exercise.
  • Make sure they’re healthy both physically and mentally.  When athletes are just starting out it can often be hard for them to handle everything. Make sure you’re not pushing them too hard and that they are focused. If the athlete seems distracted or bothered, talk to them to make sure they are ok and that they are handling things well.

By keeping these simple things in mind we will be able to raise happy, healthy athletes. Whether they are heading for the big leagues or just playing for fun, by starting them out right we can help them live a good life of health, fitness, and fun.

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