The Benefits of Natural Skin Care

How many products do you put on your face and skin every day? One or two, maybe more than you think? From sunscreen, to makeup, to moisturizer, we all apply these products to our skin regularly. However, do we know what we’re really putting on our skin? Many skin care products can contain chemicals that are harmful to our skin.. Here are just a few ingredients that you should look out for:

  • Fragrances – By trying to give or enhance a products smell, harmful toxins are often used. This is dangerous because many times a specific product wants a specific smell, so they combine many toxins to get it smelling just right. This could be avoided by using essential oils instead to add fragrance to the product.
  • Artificial Colors – Artificial pigment (often labeled as “FD&C”) is added to almost every synthetic skin care product. This pigment causes skin irritation and can also cause cancer. Natural skin care products do not use this type of pigment.
  • Other Chemicals – Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, MEA, DEA, and TEA are some harmful chemicals to look out for. They are commonly used in products and can cause cancer as well as skin irritation.
  • Environmentally harmful – Synthetic products are often harmful to the earth. The way they are made and even the products themselves can harm and pollute the environment.

Instead of applying these chemicals to our delicate skin we should try using natural products instead. Using natural ingredients over chemicals has many wonderful benefits.

  • Toxins – As I’ve stated, many skin care product contain chemicals that can lead to cancer, hormone imbalances, joint pain, headaches, allergies, and many skin problems. Natural products however, don’t have these side effects and are better for your skin.
  • Eco Friendly – Natural skin products are kinder to the environment. Both the product and the way it is made are earth-friendly.
  • No need to settle – Natural products work as well as ones that use chemicals, if not better. They will make you skin looking healthy and beautiful.
  • Children and Pet Safe – It’s not good to ever ingest any product that is meant for external use only. However, in the rare case that your child or pet gets into your skin care products, natural ones with be far less harmful to them.

Next time you’re looking to enhance your beauty, moisturize you skin, or just wash your face, make sure you do it the natural way. By using natural, organic products you’ll be able to keep your skin as well as the earth, healthy and beautiful.

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