Sports Nutrition: Gearing Up To Watch The Summer Olympics?

Are you gearing up to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics?  They are right around the corner!  Which events do you enjoy watching the best?  My favorite is the swimming and gymnastics.

Would you like to know how some of the Olympic athletes stay energized, hydrated, and restore their muscles?

Billy Demong, a two-time world champion and the only American to ever win gold in a Nordic skiing event, uses specific sports nutrition products in his daily routine.

Billy uses a Shaklee Sports Nutrition line.  The unique Sports Nutrition line, along with the multivitamin and monthly nutrition systems help you, the active person or serious athlete, get the most from your workout and build lean, strong, healthy muscles.

The Right Fuel for the Right Time:
It so simple to know what to take and when to take it. There are three Sports Nutrition products, each with its own purpose and each with its own specific timing. From start to finish, you are covered! Athletes make tough demands on their bodies. You can get  the very most out of your workouts by delivering the right nutrition at the right time. The Shaklee Sports Nutrition line makes it simple!

Here is a list of more Olympic Athletes using this Sports Nutrition Line:

Troy Dumais, Michael Blatchford, Margaux Isaksen, Dennis Bowsher, Corey Cogdell, Seth Kelsey, Caryn Davies, Keith Sanderson, Justin Dumais, Zach Krych, Eli Bremer, Kris Freeman, Peter Frenette, Adam Moore, Craig Blanchette, Laurie Brandt, Kent Bostick, Sandra Gal, Reilley Rankin, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Carl Rundell.

We are obviously not all Olympic athletes.  The Sports Nutrition products are formulated to help ALL types of athletes.  Whether your passion is endurance sports, adventure, or fitness– you are covered. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a world-class athlete—we’ve got you covered. Whether you like competing as a team, one-on-one, or against yourself—you are covered. It doesn’t matter if your focus is getting in shape or taking your favorite sport to the next level. Inside. Outside. Around the track or around the house. The Sports Nutrition line can help!

Shaklee Sports Nutrition Is Perfect for Anyone Who Enjoys:
Running, Jogging, Walking, Lifting Weights, Aerobics, Golfing, Tennis, Martial Arts, Bowling, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding, etc.

I will highlight each individual product in future posts.

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