Sneaky Diet Traps To Avoid

healthysaladTransform your life, one meal at a time. 

Eating the wrong salad could derail your whole diet.  Here’s how to avoid these sneaky diet traps with smarter food choices that will also save you money.

When it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, it’s no secret that a nutritious smoothee is better than a bowl of ice cream.  But for everything in between, the road to good health can be paved with difficult choices.  The terrain gets even tougher because many foods that sound innocent — such as restaurant salads and morning lattes — often contain hidden fat.  Consumed with the best of intentions, these calorie bombs still sabotage all the celery sticks and fitness classes.

From learning how to build a fresh, delicious, and healthy salad to swapping soda water for soda pop, better eating habits are easier when you have the right tools to take to the table.  Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean spending more money, either.  A protein-packed Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee that costs less than three dollars?  Now that’s smart eating.

The typical restaurant salad is a caloric fiesta of greasy croutons, creamy dressings, and hidden fats.  A typical side salad can contain up to 500 calories.. or more!!  Here’s how to build a healthy and delicious salad.

Red onions: Contain quercetin, an antioxidant that is widely studied for a variety of health benefits.

Leafy greens: Packed with vitamins A, C, and K, lettuce is also a good source of folic acid and fiber.

Mushrooms: full of energizing B-vitamins, which are important for your metabolism.

Shaklee 180 fat-free salad dressing:

1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1 tbsp dijon-style prepared mustard, 1/2 tbsp honey, 1-2 cloves garlic (crushed), 1/4 tsp sea salt (optional), 1 tsp dried basil, 1/4 tsp paprika, and pepper to taste.

Serving Size= 1 tablespoon

Calorie per serving= 20

Guilt-free groceries: Stock up on these healthy foods.  At less than 25 calories per serving, they will fill you up without weighing you down:

cabbage, zucchini, radishes, mushrooms, celery, green onion, bell and hot peppers, cucumber, snap peas, raw broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, pickles, salad greens (endive, lettuce, spinach, kale), pickles, condiments (mustard, salsa, vinegar, horseradish), herbs and spices, soy sauce, bouillon, fat-free broth, carbonated water, club soda or seltzer, coffee, & tea.

Source: Shaklee 180 After-After Magazine

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