Running Less, May Help You More

Do you run every day or at least routinely? Have you been doing this for a while, but still not impressed with the results? Well here’s the problem:

  • Most people assume that running more means you’ll burn more calories and lose more weight. But this is only true to a point.

  • Once your body gets used to running, you’ll begin to burn less calories. Running is a very effective form of exercise (burning 8.5 calories a minute at a comfortable pace). However, the more you run the more efficient your body become at running. When your body gets used to running, you’ll start burning less calories.
  • Running a lot regularly can take a toll on your body. Running can be pretty hard on your knees.
  • Doing anything for a long time can become boring. You can easily lose focus and motivation over time.

Luckily, there’s a better way to exercise. The answer is to work in intervals. Intervals are intense, short bursts of exercise that are followed by some rest and recovery. By using intervals in your workouts you’ll be able to become stronger in less time and with less running. Here’s an example of an exercise routine that puts this all into effect.  Both of the exercises can be done at home on a treadmill, on a track, or just a simple flat road.

  • Run and relax. When you’re out running or jogging try this. Really speed up and go at a good, fast pace for 15 seconds. Then take a rest by walking for 60 seconds. Start off doing this for 6 intervals. Then, as you get better, try doing more and more intervals.  Another thing you can try is doing 30 seconds (instead of 15) at a good pace before resting.
  • Quarter Mile. For this one, try running a quarter mile (or one loop of a track) at a hard, but sustainable pace. Then recover by walking or jogging for 2 minutes. Start off by doing this 4 times and see if you can build up to eight. As you get better you can also try going for a half mile instead of a quarter.


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