Natural Health Solutions for College Students

healthy college students

Here’s a video made for a college team project and targeted directly to college students. Every day there are practical things like getting enough sleep, having enough energy for busy daily schedules and trying not to get stressed out over the demands thrown at you.

In case you can’t access the video on this page, you can view it on Youtube:             Natural Health Solutions for College Students: Shaklee, Shaklee Baby [Remix]

Here are things that can get these young people in trouble:

  1. Using high caffeine, high sugar, high calorie energy products
  2. Taking too many over-the-counter drugs that are chemical based and may have side effects
  3. Making other non-natural and/or unhealthy choices to solve one of these challenges

Natural Health Solutions

A better and more beneficial choice would be to look for all-natural solutions that have side benefits instead of side effects.

  • Little energy chews that ‘wake you up’ within a few minutes, improve focus and alertness, and also include vitamins that give you other health benefits.
  • A natural Stress Relief tablet that has several nutrients that benefit your body and also help you to feel more calm within 20 minutes.
  • An all-natural supplement that promotes calmness when you’re ready to go to sleep for the night and restful sleep all night long.
  • Soy or whey protein supplements and protein bars that are lean protein sources and provide benefits such as:  healthy food choice, muscle retention, tissue repair, immunity, healthy blood – in fact, good for every function in your body.

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