Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is quickly approaching.  We are less than a month away!  With that, comes summer fun like swimming, hiking, gardening, parties, beach trips, etc.  Unfortunately, anxiety and distress of fitting into your summer clothes accompanies the feelings that come with the beginning of summer.

You are frantically searching for a quick solution to your winter weight gain.  Some weight loss programs may seem like an appealing way to take the weight off at first, but isn’t the healthiest way for you or your body.  It is important to look for a weight loss program that not only works, but also is a healthy way to lose your inches.

Don’t try to cut out full food groups when you are trying to lose weight.  You want to get a mix of them all, just make sure it is in moderation.  Make sure you have plenty of fruit, vegetables, and protein!  If you are working out, or doing any type of physical activity – make sure you have plenty of protein sources.  Protein shakes and protein bars can be a great and easy way to get your protein in.

Do NOT let your plate look like the one on the right:


Cutting food out completely to lose weight will just lower your metabolism and your body will get use to the low calorie diet and you will not lose anymore weight once your body gets use to it.  Many people lose a lot of weight in the first week of low-carbing, but it is mostly water weight. Weight loss will slow down significantly after that initial phase.  An impossibly low calorie diet is extremely hard to maintain and you can gain all your weight back once you go off of it.

I know summer is coming fast and you want a quick fix to lose your weight.  However, an unhealthy weight loss program is not good for you in the long run!

Three helpful tips in your summer weight loss journey:

1. Eat a well balanced diet with fruit, vegetables, protein, and healthy carbohydrates.  Just make sure you eat everything in moderation!

2. Exercising can help speed up your weight loss. Make sure to incorporate both cardio and weight lifting into your workout regimen.

3. Add leucine and green tea into your diet.  They both help to speed up your metabolism. Leucine can help keep lean muscle and get rid of fat.  More muscle = faster metabolism!

Read more about leucine in this article: Metabolism Makeover

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