Five Steps to Keep Celebrating Your Weight loss

Congratulations! After months (or years) of counting calories, hitting the gym and monitoring the scale, you have finally reached the magic number you’ve been waiting for. Take time to give your self a pat on the back or stare at your slender new figure in a full-length mirror. You deserve it.

Before you celebrate with the hot fudge sundae lets back track.

Tip #1] Rekindle your Motivation Relationship

Think back to the beginning of your weight loss journey. What was your motivation? A graduation? A wedding? Your health? Whatever the reason write it down and keep it in sight. Reminding your self why you wanted to lose weight will help you think twice about enjoying an entire package of cookies.

Tip #2] Keep your Support System Near

According to the National Weight Control Registry, people who attend bi-monthly support groups for a year while losing weight, maintained their full weight loss. Surrounding yourself with positive attitudes will help remind you of your goals and help maintain the success you’ve already achieved.

Tip #3] Be Aware

It is very important to monitor your eating habits. Many people want to run back to their old habits, relaxing when it comes to portion sizes and dietary choices. If you want to go back to your ways you’ll go back to your old weight. Don’t start mindlessly eating in front of the TV or you’re not going to like what you see. Make sure you keep a close eye on what and when you eat. Tip #4] Small Changes

Now that you are no longer “dieting” start by making small changes with your daily eating habits. To maintain your weight begin adding calories to your diet in increments of 200. For example, try eating something small for breakfast or cut back on a gym workout. Make sure to weigh yourself each week and track your progress. If you begin gaining weight cut back on your calories until you find a perfect balance.

 Tip #5] Set (mini) Goals

You’ve accomplished your biggest goal. Now it’s time to set new, smaller goals. Set up weekly incentives such as a shopping trip or manicure for attending all your gym sessions. If a special event is coming up make a point to continue to write down everything you eat and treat yourself to some dessert on the big day!

You have worked too hard to get to this point. Don’t let your self continue to be captive to dreaded dieting habits. There are so many ways to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle keeping you healthy, happy and slim!

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