15 Health & Fitness Tips You Need To Know NOW

After losing 30 pounds, I wanted to put together a little cheat sheet that would help other people reach their health and weight loss goals. I came up with 15 health & fitness tips that really helped me lose the … Continue reading

Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is quickly approaching.  We are less than a month away!  With that, comes summer fun like swimming, hiking, gardening, parties, beach trips, etc.  Unfortunately, anxiety and distress of fitting into your summer clothes accompanies the feelings that come with … Continue reading

Think Before You Eat

We all do it every now and then – run to the vending machine after a disagreement with a boss or co-worker, stuff ourselves with ice cream when we’re depressed, have an extra helping of cake to celebrate a job … Continue reading

Muscle up your metabolism

Want to burn more calories at rest and even when you’re sleeping? Want to improve your muscle strength and power? How about strengthening your bones, improving your posture and even making those fun activities like playing golf or tennis more … Continue reading

Metabolism Makeover

Losing weight doesn’t have to be an annual resolution. A new program with a key nutrient could be your secret to success – quite possibly the last weight loss program you’ll ever need. Knowing how to eat healthy to lose … Continue reading